Company Profile

Synergy Print Sdn. Bhd was founded back in April 2001 by a group of investors in a small setup with the sole purpose of bevology and being at par with the latest print label in this market has to offer.

From humble beginnings with only 6 employees and 2 machines, today the company enjoys a big piece of the pie in the world of label printing heavily due to their investments in high-end machinery. Currently we are boasting an impressive up to 50 machines and various. Specializing in all self-adhesive labels, they serve various industries and commercial end-users. They are professionals in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) business, currently servicing a list of prestigious clientele who are MNCs and BRC based company. One of their many strengths in product variation is the special material support that enables Synergy Print to have a flexible printing solution.

Therefore, we aimed to continuously achieve and exceed our customer’s and applicable interested parties needs and expectation by: ISO, IAF and Labels & Labeling.

Investments And Machineries

The company realized the importance of the latest and greatest machines back in July 2007 when they first moved to their new plant in Bukit Mertajam, Penang. Thus begun their heavy investments in machinery and it all started with a 6-colour printing machine in 2009. Seeing how effective it was, they progressed to purchase a better machine almost every 2 years. With such an impressive growth rate, the company soon owned a 7-colour, 8-colour, 9-colour, and by 2018-2019 – a perfect 10-colour machine. In 2020, add in another 2 new 10 colour machines during fighting with Covid-19.They will soon welcome another 10 colour machines in their family.

“I have always been a strong believer in a hands-on management style where a leader should lead by example,” said Mr. Choo, leader of Synergy Print and Sunner Industries.

His effective management style which is both simple and flexible has hit the sweet spot within his company and they have reaped the benefits with significant growth YoY.

Fulfilling Customer Expectations

With involved of teamwork spirit together will bring company of total growth of success. Synergy Print sets their vision high on quality and drives this as a key indicator which is in line with the growing competitive nature of this industry. Without good quality, delivery would be meaningless and customer satisfaction would be greatly affected. Synergy Print is committed in complying and satisfying all applicable customer requirements through their ISO 9001:2015 certification while pursuing continuous improvement of their QMS (Quality Management System).

With good quality being pivotal in their business, Synergy Print evaluates the effectiveness of their QMS regularly through diligence in reviewing customer survey feedback and complaints should it occur. Today, they have a customer satisfaction score of >70% and less than 3 cases of complains. They also maintain an extremely capable manufacturing process with yields of >95%. It is in their quality objectives to ensure these successes are sustainable. With flexible and careful planning, key understanding of manufacturing, process capability improvements, they design their production in an In-Line process which enables a lean manufacturing with reduced wastes.

In a nutshell their leader enjoys promoting their products in 3 notes – Synergy Print produces labels with Chinese Speed, Malaysian Quality and Japanese Reliability.


Synergy Print has their main headquarters in Bukit Mertajam, Penang and an office in Shah Alam, Selangor. Human Resources within the company engages employees for continuous improvements by having frequency oversea trip for update latest technology knowledge transfer periodically. This provides an environment well suited for career growth within the organization.

Our Success Strength

Speedy, Quality & Reliability

Corporate Colour

Professional in FMCG

Largest Production Line

Advanced Machinery

Special Material Support

Corporate Customer


Flexible Printing Solution

Our Milestone

Highly Productive, Cost Efficient,Quality Labeling Printing Press.

Our History